Ask About Our Health Care Program Which Includes Free Heartworm Prevention Program For Dogs
Ask About Our Health Care Program Which Includes Free Heartworm Prevention Program For Cats
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"The veterinary practice where your pets are our family."

Hope Animal Hospital
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Welcome to Hope Animal Hospital in Fenton, MO.

Learn About Our Services

Hope Animal Hospital in Fenton, Missouri provides a full range of veterinary services for cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, guinea-pigs, and other pets in the St. Louis, MO region.

Our veterinarian and veterinary staff have a lot of experience in the St. Louis area. From routine exams, to urgent care visits, to advanced surgery, Hope Animal Hospital should be able to take care of your pet's needs. In case your pet needs the care of a specialist, our Veterinarian can help you select the best one for you and your pet. To learn more about the services we provide, click here.



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Puppy & Kitten Plans

Your puppy or kitten needs to see the veterinarian as soon as you know you are receiving a new member of the family. Immediate concerns are parasites and contagious diseases. Parasites are not only life threatening to your pet, but they can also put your family at risk for serious disease. Providing your puppy or kitten protection from contagious diseases as soon as possible helps keep it safe and healthy.

The veterinarian at Hope Animal Hospital has put together plans that make sure that your new family member gets the proper pediatric medical care in order to keep both your pet and your family safe and happy. There are silver, gold, and platinum plans that offer increasing levels of care and value for your pet and protect you from high veterinary bills during what can be a very critical period in a pet's life.

Click here to learn about the Puppy Plans.

Click here to learn about the Kitten Plans.

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New Pet Dental Policy!
Enjoy a 20% OFF Discount!

Hope Animal Hospital has a whole new PERMANENT pet dental policy because we feel that dentals are that important for the health of your pet.

Hope Animal Hospital is now offering 20% off the dental estimate of your pet when the dental is done within 30 days of the estimate. An office visit is required for an estimate so that your veterinarian can check your pet's teeth and provide you with a personalized treatment plan based on your pet's specific needs.

All species of mammals have dental needs. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and small exotic mammals all have their own particular needs. Dental issues cause pain, infection, disease, and sometimes death. Be sure your pet isn't suffering because of his teeth.

If you have any questions we would be happy to have you call us at 636-349-0049..

Continuing Education

The staff and veterinarian at Hope Animal Hospital constantly review and update their skills and technology so that they can make sure that they can offer you the highest level of care at all times. They take great pride in their high standards of pet and client care. Some training is conducted in the St. Louis area, but occasionally the veterinary staff will find it necessary to travel elsewhere to get the best training.

To see the current training events the veterinarian and veterinary staff are participating in, click here.

Schedule Your Visit On-Line

VetScene Portal

Hope Animal Hospital now offers on-line appointment scheduling. To schedule your pet's appointment, please click here.

Is My Pet Too Old To Have Anesthesia?

Although certain medical conditions may cause concern for anesthesia this is true at any age but old age itself is not a disease. A puppy or kitten with a heart problem is an anesthetic concern just as a heart problem would be a concern in a 15 year old pet. With a physical exam, preoperative bloodwork, and a consultation with the doctor concerning expectations, anesthesia can be pursued at any age without undue risk. Read More

About Heartworm Disease in the St. Louis Area

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition of dogs, cats, and other species of mammals. The parasite that causes heartworm disease is Dirofilaria immitis. It is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. The adult stage of the parasite is found in the heart and major blood vessels of infected animals.

Canine heartworm infection has been found by veterinarians in dogs in all 50 States. All dogs regardless of their age, sex, or habitat are susceptible to heartworm infection. However the highest infection rates (up to 45%) in dogs not maintained on heartworm preventive are found within 150 miles of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Coast from Texas to New Jersey and along the Mississippi River and its major tributaries. That means dogs in the St. Louis, MO area are highly at risk.

Free Heartworm Prevention For Cats & Dogs

Since heartworm is such a significant problem in the St. Louis area, the veterinarian at Hope Animal Hospital wants to encourage preventative treatments for heartworm. That is why Hope Animal Hospital offers FREE Heartworm prevention treatments for pets that have regular checkups. To learn more about the free heartworm prevention program, ask our veterinarian or click one of the links below.

Free Heartworm Prevention for Cats

Free Heartworm Prevention for Dogs

News for the Health of Your Pet

Check back here monthly for news that is important for the care of your four legged family member. The staff and veterinarian at Hope Animal Hospital put together a monthly newsletter that you can access for free either on the menu to the left or by clicking here.

Not All Surgery Is The Same

Many pet parents don't understand that there are differences in the quality of care in surgery. Those differences are often reflected in prices. Some animal hospitals will take shortcuts that reduce price but also reduce the level of care and comfort for their patients. (After all, veterinary patients aren't really able to complain!) 

That means that even routine spay and neuter surgeries -and their prices- can vary wildly from hospital to hospital.  There are many substantive reasons to choose to have surgery at Hope Animal Hospital over a less expensive place. Click here to learn about the supplies, techniques, and procedures that the veterinarian and staff at Hope Animal Hospital utilize to provide safe and comfortable surgery for our patients.

"Your Pet Needs a Dental"

It has probably happened to you or someone you know.  You take your pet to the veterinarian; they look at your pets teeth and tell you your pet needs a dental.  A price is often quoted and either you make an appointment or because you are confused and worried about the risks you don’t make the appointment and go on your way.  This guide will help you understand what is being recommended and why.

To learn more about the dental needs of your pet and an explanation of procedures, click here.

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